Thursday, March 7, 2013

01-02 SPX Jody Shelly Rookie - Auto'd

Here is one tough rookie!  Shelley is one hell of a tough guy and this former Moosehead had 25 goals and 420 penalty minutes in his final junior season showing he could do it all if he had to. Currently he is with the Flyers but is on the IR with a bad hip, but even all injured up, I would never want to drop the gloves with this guy.

The 01-02 SPX Rookies came unautographed, but the previous owner must have tracked him down and got him to sign it. I suspect this auto is legit mainly because WHO WOULD SERIOUSLY forge a Jody Shelley auto. Combine that with the fact that he played junior hockey an hour from my house and where I bought this auto,  I think it is all good.

01-02 SPX Jody Shelley Rookie Home /1500
I saw this card sitting at the LCS with a super low price and knew it was worth the chance. I think that one of the best features is the fact that someone tried covering up the chips with a blue marker...see upper right for best example. This card is just downright tough like the man himself!

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