Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A pair of 70-71 OPC 'Keepers, and a little more tape

Here are a couple more pick-ups from the 70-71 OPC set. First up is a second year card of Tony Esposito.

70-71 OPC #153 Tony Esposito
Cool front, with Tony smiling. Some tape action which you have all come to expect from my blog.

Here is the back side of the card. It is in pretty decent shape and the write-up points out the phenomenal rookie season Tony had with the Hawks.

70-71 OPC #173 Cesare Maniago
This is a classic looking card to me. Mattress pads strapped to the legs and pillows stuffed under the jersey. This is what goalies used to look like before the Michelin Man brought the Ducks to the Stanley Cup finals.

Once upon a time 6' 3" was considered a large goalie, but by today's standards that is pretty common. Far from a rookie, I still picked this card up because the price was right (2 bucks) and there is a chance I just might chase this set since I already have some of the big name players.

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