Tuesday, March 5, 2013

11-12 Rookie Anthology - Slava Voynov

After the pain of the Stanley Cup finals subsided, I was happy that it was the Kings that won the cup instead of some other team (Rangers, Flyers, etc) if the Devils weren't going to be the ones to do it. I am also able to not let me love blind me completely and be rather objective when I watch a game and it is this objectivity that leads me to today's post. 

Slava Voynov impressed me a great deal in the Stanley Cup finals. I had no idea who this kid was really going into that series, but seeing how well he manned the blue-line, especially in offensive situations, I became a bit of a fan. He moves the puck well, skated well and I just remember him not letting the Devils out of their end whenever they would try and clear the puck on his side. Offensively he didn't register a single point in the Stanley Cup finals, but he always seemed to be creating chances and being in the thick of things. His performance won me over and meant that I needed to track down a rookie card. 

Here is what I got after the sting wore off....

11-12 Rookie Anthology - Rookie Treasures Slava Voynov /499
Great auto, numbered and even some extra marker action likely from being careless with his sharpie while signing the sheet of stickers. In all, a winner if you ask me and I am very happy to have this card and I still think he is going to be a superstar in the NHL. Last night he had a 3 assist performance against Nashville and that gives him 3 goals, 9 assists on the season in 20 games. I think that he has excellent potential and with Doughty, LA has a solid back-end for years to come.

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