Monday, March 4, 2013

05-06 Parkhurst Scott Hartnell Auto

Scott Hartnell, a player I would really really like to love, but his current team prevents me from doing so. He is a Flyer, and even though I am not a Pens fan, I still despise the Flyers nearly as much as the Rangers so this prevents me from being a big fan of his. However, he did play for the Preds and he plays a great game on the ice so I certainly have lots of respect for him so owning an auto certainly a must for me. My LCS had this in the summer for a few buck so I grabbed it.

05-06 Parkhurst Signatures - Scott Hartnell
Love the simplistic design and the fact that he is in  PREDS uniform. Makes owning this card much much less painful! Scott has had a couple 30 goals seasons and he reminds me of an older version of David Clarkson so that is why I do like him.

This is the only 05-06 Parkhurst auto I have at the moment, but seeing this card in person definitely gives me reason to try and track more down when I have a chance.


  1. Simplistic design indeed. These are nice cards but a lot of them that you will find have some serious placement issues with the auto stickers. You will find many of them where half the autos are cut off due to, well lets call it laziness, by the players.

  2. Really? I haven't seen many of them yet, but that obviously sucks and must make quality ones a little harder to find.