Monday, March 18, 2013

A pair of Ginos - Paternal Twins

So a while back I traded away what was my only Evgeni Malkin rookie. I am not a mega fan of his by any stretch, so when I was able to get something more near and dear to my heart I was able to let it go pretty easily. But, since I am a avid rookie collector, I knew there would come a time when I would need to find a replacement....well here is what I came up with.

06-07 Bee Hive #144 Evgeni Malkin Rookie
I really like this card. For the price point, it is the best in my opinion of all the low-end Malkin rookies (Victory, OPC, Bee Hive, Ovation) in terms of appearance. I wish I scanned the back because even the back of this card is cool looking. I know it isn't worth anywhere near as much as my Sweet Shot version, but I actually think I like this card more.

06-07 Bee Hive Wood Evgeni Malkin Rookie Parallel
Well my LCS had a second Malkin rookie and it found its way home with me. I like the different look of this one, the black and white photo with wood trim looks a tiny bit like the Series 3 Bee Hive ones from the mid-late 60's. Having a second definitely makes it possible for me to use one or both as trade bait in the future, or gives me two fun Malkins in my collection filling an important void of having a copy of this superstar's rookie. Fact is, I think bang for buck in the Malkin department these are the best deals to be had, but then again, any deal is the best deal until the next one :)


  1. Not knowing what those both put you out, I'm sure it was still a great deal. Those are two that I know I don't have either. Jealous = this guy.

  2. I think I paid about 8 bucks for the pair. :)

    A no-brainer for me, but maybe not for someone else. I know I may have lucked out for cheaper online in an auction, but at the same time they were there and no shipping charges required!