Thursday, February 7, 2013

Taylor or Tyler? I say yes to both, rookie style.

Remember when it was Taylor vs Tyler? Well Taylor ended up being the top choice and both have had great starts to their career, Tyler already has a Cup and Taylor already has cracked 50 career goals and 100 career points. I unfortunately still have yet to crack any hobby boxes of 10-11 UD so pulling these guys rookies hasn't been something I have done yet, so secondary market here I come. 

I have owned both of their "lesser" rookies, but never any of their big rookies so I always felt my collection could benefit from improving rookie quality/caliber of these two marquee players. So here are two fall additions to my collection.

10-11 Donruss National Rated Rookies Taylor Hall /25
Here is the first of the two. These cards were released at the National Card Convention (in Chicago ?) and there were three versions. Black border /250, Red border /25 and Blue border /10. 

 Here is the back, I wish that there were some stats on the back, but alas there isn't and it is numbered xx/25, so maybe I can use my imagination and pretend it is numbered 4/25 and it would be an eBay 1/1!!!

 10-11 Donruss National Rated Rookies Tyler Seguin /25
Check out that flex! Cool photo from what is likely a warm-up.

So I was very happy to land these two "rookies" into my collection. True for some (Beckett included) they may not be "real" rookies, but they are to me and actually I like these more than their Young Gun counterparts primarily because of scarcity, but also because they are actually good looking cards and I am glad to have them. Certainly helps fill a void in my collection!

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  1. I had never seen those before, very cool! It's great that you were able to snag the pair, great pick-ups!