Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rescued from the "pound"

Here are a couple more random couple dollar cards from my LCS. 

54-55 Parkhurst Eric Nesterenko
Here is a pretty cool looking card in pretty rough shape. There appears to be a bit of a scrum with a few fallen players and Nesterenko is all poised to make them pay with a goal! This is a second year card of Eric Nesterenko which features him in a Leafs uniform. It would be a couple years before Eric would land in the Windy City and post his finest numbers and win a Stanley Cup with the 'Hawks.And as Sal would tell you, many many more years until he would hit the silver screen only to be shunned by the academy for his role in Youngblood.

01-02 UD Series 2 Sergei Fedorov FJSF Game Used
Once upon a time, getting a game used card was an EVENT! Case hit! Back when I wasn't collecting these gimmicks came along and were highly sought after and over time they became rather common and less magical. I saw this former 1:144 pack hit sitting in my LCS for 3 dollars and I thought that I could use a card like that. I do have one Fedorov game used already (with the Blue Jackets) and I knew I needed a nice Red Wings one because in my own heart of hearts, he will always be a Red Wing to me. 

Well there you have it, two odd ball cards sitting in the cheap box that I rescued and I assure you these cards are now being loved properly in a good home.

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  1. Can't go wrong with Fedorov! I'm the same way, he'll always be a Red Wing.

    And you're absolutely correct! The first few years of game-used jerseys was an event. I can remember being stunned by these. And the prices on the secondary market were insane! I believe that the first ones Upper Deck put out are still way up there in price though. I wouldn't mind getting my hands on one of them though. For some reason I keep seeing the Jaromir Jagr from the initial release.