Saturday, February 16, 2013

74-75 Topps Denis Potvin Rookie

Here is another case of a card I think should belong in a person's collection and I was missing. I have a few cards from 74-75, but they are all OPC ones and Mr. Potvin was not one of them. So when I saw this post ages ago, I figured there were deals to be had on this card and I was bound to find one. Like my Ryan Ellis, I lost more bids than I cared to count, but then again I had a budget I was trying to stick to; 5 bucks max. I could have landed some pretty crappy looking ones for less, but I wanted at least EX condition otherwise I couldn't stand to look at the card.

I even went as far as winning an auction, and when it arrived I was amazed to see a huge bulge on the surface of the card. Not on indentation from behind that popped to the front, but a thick bump on the surface of the card. The seller had listed this card as mint when I bid on it and when it arrived it was anything but. I complained and they refunded my money and I was out the cost to ship it back. So I stopped looking for a while.

Then a couple months later I started up again and I found this card here:

74-75 Topps Denis Potvin Rookie

Mint condition? No, but certainly EX or higher. Under 5 bucks? Yep, 4.99 with shipping and I was able to add another card I needed to it and it ended up being an even better deal bundled. I don't think I will chase the Topps version of this set, with many cool rookies being in the higher numbers of the OPC release. But until that day arrives, I have a very respectable Potvin rookie to enjoy until then.

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  1. Really I am very unlucky because I have not seen Denis Potvin play live. He is an excellent defense-man. He is a talent. Now he is a good commentator.