Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Back Checking Ryan Johansen

Numbers have kind of been my thing my whole life. When ever I see them, I am always analyzing them and in fact I remember using Lotus 123 to calculate the Devils stats including g.a.a by using the daily box scores in my local newspaper (in days before the internet). Numbers and sports stats have always been fun for me and I could never get enough. 

When I got landed my Park and Robinson, I was also able to get a screaming deal on a Ryan Johansen Certified Rookie. When the card arrived, I loved the look of the front, the scribble signature with sticker technology and the game worn player worn swatch on the front. As much as I like to kid a bit, I really and sincerely do love the Certified rookies and this was no exception.

I then made my way to the back where I found something jump out at me....

92 points in 10-11 is a pretty solid output for 63 games, but apparently in 71 other WHL games, Ryan has 25 goals, 44 assists for 100 points. Hmmm.....something wrong here wouldn't you say? Well according to hockeydb, he did play 71 games the previous season, and did have 25 goals and 44 assists. But, we should all know that 25 + 44 doesn't equal 100, just like 65 + 98 wouldn't equal 192. In today's age of internet, spreadsheets and computers it is hard to think an addition error would still exist on hockey cards. True problems with the write up could happen or messing up a birth date but addition? I figured this type of stuff would be automated and imported in to a matrix on the backs of these cards. I guess I am wrong and adding is something that is still done by hand....and poorly at that.

Have you noticed any errors like this? I know the Beckett doesn't have it listed as an UER, have they stopped listing the new errors all together?

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