Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cheap Chiros Part 1

Making my way through a pile of posts I came to one of my favourite lots in the last year. 16 cards, 17 autos and 1 winning bid so low it had to be seen to be believed. Now, some of the autos are strange, undesireable and downright odd.  So here is round 1:

11-12 Crown Royale Voices of the Game John Forslund Auto
 Wow. I have nothing nice to say here other than the auto IS ON CARD.

11-12 Crown Royale Voices of the Game Pierre McGuire Auto
Here is one that is fun to get because I ACTUALLY see him on TV and he was an NHL coach for a period of time


  1. some of those Voices Of The Game autos from Crown Royale were scarce. In the beginning of the release, these didn't show up right away. I tried to track many of them down at first until I realized I wasn't the only one...I think I lost about 163 different auctions for most of what I bid on. I'm still trying to get the Mike Lange one from 2010.

    1. Wow that's lots of auctions, I must admit, before this lot I really didn't even know these existed. Now that I do, I would love a Doc Emrick one...

  2. Sweet, I like the McGuire! Every time I see him doing a broadcast I'm reminded of his time with the Whalers...

    1. Were you a fan of his during that tenure?

  3. Did they make one of Gary Thorne? He used to be the broadcaster for the New Jersey Devils in the late 1980s and early 1990s--and one summer he was play-by-play for the Chicago White Sox!

    1. I don't think they did...the listed ones from the 11-12 are:

      1 Mike Emrick
      2 Dick Irvin
      3 Pierre McGuire
      4 Bill Clement
      5 Peter Maher
      6 Pierre Houde
      7 John Forslund
      9 Dennis Beyak
      8 Joe Beninati
      10 John Shorthouse

      Though now that you say that, i would love to see a Gary Thorne one!

    2. And since we are keeping score, here is the list of 2010-11 ones too...

      1 Charlie Simmer
      2 Daryl Reaugh
      3 Jim Fox
      4 Pete Weber
      5 Joe Bowen
      6 Bob Miller
      7 Rick Jeanneret
      8 Randy Moller
      9 Denis Potvin
      10 Darren Pang
      11 Cassie Campbell
      12 Mike Milbury
      13 Kelly Hrudey
      14 Mike Lange
      15 Don Cherry

    3. Hey, thanks! Pang would be a fun one to have.

  4. McGuire is such a goof...neat auto to have