Tuesday, February 5, 2013

11-12 ITG Canada Vs The World - Larry Robinson

Here is another ITG Canada Vs The World auto to join my Darren Helm and Brad Park ones. Like Park, Robinson was a HOF defenseman who played well in both ends of the ice, but unlike Park, won a load of Stanley Cups. As of right now, Larry aka "Big Bird" has his name on the Cup 9 times and nearly a tenth this past June. Larry was at the end of his playing career when I started watching hockey, but I do remember him playing and I remember him on cardboard too, most notably this one:

I honestly don't know why I always think of this card when I think of Larry, maybe it is because I was still young and impressionable and this card features a pretty cool photo of Larry battling it out with Adam Oates. The cool thing is these two guys would be coaches on the same team last season for the Devils before both landing coaching gigs elsewhere in the off-season.

11-12 ITG Canada Vs The World - Larry Robinson Auto
Here is the focus of the post, a nice beautiful signature of one of the best defensemen of all-time and I think he is an excellent coach as well. Larry was very classy as a player and as a coach and really hard to find anyone say a bad word about him. He represented Canada on numerous occasions including three Canada Cups. I was able to land this card along with Park and one other in a pretty awesome self-made three card lot deal.

Now all I need is his rookie.....might be a while for that one since I don't have one yet :)

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