Thursday, February 14, 2013

Contest thanks to The Cardboard and Me

Another contest thanks I have been meaning to publicly thank is Jason over at The Cardboard and Me. Jason had a contest where commenters over a period of time were entered into a draw for some autographs. I love reading his blog and seeing  both his customs and TTM successes so it was a contest I knew I would be in automatically. Turns out that he was giving away 5 prizes and I was lucky enough to be a winner!

Here is the custom I won: 

 Loved Craig Janney as a Bruin and a Blue. I don't remember him much after that, but he did some traveling around before hanging up his skates. This card is actually a large one similar to the Oversize cards UD puts out in tins and stuff.

What I wasn't expecting was this gem:

A while ago, Jason was taking creation suggestions for his blog and I asked about a Marty in the 81-82 set. Well sure enough he made it and I thought it was cool, but even better he printed me a copy and included it. How awesome is that? What is best about it all is Marty is decked out in his retro uniform which could at this time be from one of three games. I saw one of those three games live so there is a chance, it was from MY game. If I did some research on the equipment I am sure I can figure it out, but at this time I would rather just pretend it actually is....Thanks JBlargh!

Here is the back of the card. He chose to use the design from the 84-85 OPC set which is another 80's classic. Stats on the back are current up to last year. I must say I loved the loot and I want to thank Jason and all bloggers who put contests up. I certainly appreciate everyone's kindness and generosity. 

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