Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sakic Patch

Just when it seems like I have uncovered every good deal and gem at my LCS, I end up turning over another rock and find myself another. 

09-10 Artifacts Joe Sakic Frozen Artifacts Blue Patch/Jersey /25
I have always liked Artifacts and when I have bought packs I generally have done OK, but never pulled a card like this one! My LCS had this baby in the display case with a price of just 15 bucks! Talk about priced to move, with packs generally running in the 10 dollar range, this is a steal. The card is the blue version of the Frozen Artifacts insert set which includes a patch piece and a jersey piece and is just numbered to 25.

What I like most about the card is the beautiful three colour patch you get. The silver glimmers in the light, the blue pops nicely and the white has a pretty neat texture to it. This baby was easily worth three times what I paid for it to me and the card easily is one of the better patch cards in my collection. Having not owned any game-used Joe Sakic memorabilia to this point, I sort of think this card was a long over-due purchase.


  1. I am very jealous of you right now...

    What a helluva bargain!!!!

  2. Nice pick-up, that is one awesome card, especially for the price!