Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back Checking - 59/60 Topps Alex Delvecchio

I don't know if it is all the posts I am reading about other people's PC's or what, but I have caught a case of Delvecchio-itis and I am tracking down cards from his playing days with a little more effort. I don't think I am going to go too crazy with getting all these post-career cards that companies are putting out on a daily basis it seems, but I am trying to go after all his cards from 51-75 and maybe a few special inserts (relics and autos) from after his playing days.

This week, I am killing two birds with one stone by sharing another Delvecchio addition and a card back that is just down right cool.

59-60 Topps Alex Delvecchio #8
Condition wise, this card has seem some action, but is crease-free and not abused. The front is pretty simple, very retro looking and a little similar to what some companies are copying these days as a retro design.

Back side

Here is where the gold lies! Look at this back, the red colouring is a nightmare to try and keep pristine and it is FULL of cool facts and tid-bits. Look at the first sentence, "Baby-faced cigar smoker, Alex won Lady Byng Trophy last season on strength of good start." You don't see that on cards these days! Can you imagine a card from the 80's talking about Mario enjoying a smoke after the game? Statistically, the 6 penalty minutes jumps out at me as being pretty low! Sure back then there weren't many goons really, but everyone took a few penalties here and there...obviously not Alex. Alex finished his 24 year career with only 383 penalty minutes, which when compared with a player like Wayne Gretzky had played less games and still had nearly 200 more minutes despite winning 5 Lady Byng Trophies!

 Even the trivia question on the card is just down right cool with the comic to go with it. In case you were wondering, my limited french skills tells me that there is no mention of the Cigar smoking which is interesting in itself. Instead, it goes into a tiny bit more detail on the position switching over the summer.

In all, another fun card and another card closer to completing my Alex Delvecchio collection. I hope to get a few more posts up on Alex and then I will put up a want list.


  1. That is a great looking Delvecchio, keep the vintage posts coming. Great stuff!

  2. I have always like the 59/60 set. a nice simple design with a great back! nice card!

  3. Nothing wrong with a good Delvecchio PC. He was the first player I ever tried that with. Agree too with the sentiment on the set. There are a lot of great cards in it.

    How far along are you in the Delvecchio chase?

    1. I am still early in my chase...there are 30 regular cards and a few other random cards (like food or insert) from his playing days and I have about 6 of so from his playing days including random and regular cards.

      I have my TTM autos from him plus a couple recent certified autos and a couple game used cards as well. I guess I am doing a bit of a shot gun approach at first then try and specialize as the list gets smaller.

    2. I left out a lot of the food stuff. He's in the York Peanut Butter sets and the Shiriff coin sets but neither are really to my taste.