Sunday, September 2, 2012

Panini NPN - People actually do win something

When it comes to NPN ( No purchase necessary) entries, I have literally no luck. For years I have entered countless ones with UD and for years I received nothing in return. At least with UD, they don't require any postage or cost to enter, they are just literally an online entry and that is that. To be honest, I don't even know if UD does these any more as I have long given up hope.

However, this past fall, I bought a blaster of 11-12 Pinnacle. The results were very under-whelming as my hit was a dude and I got no rookies that interested me. But upon reading the package of the cards, I could see that they offer a mail-in offer for free cards NPN. So I did get a chance to try and improve my poor box by entering the draw for additional cards. Of course, there is a limit of 2 per household so I sent in my two and waited.

I figured since it had been many months that there was no way I had won, but sure enough in July a little treat arrived!

11-12 Panini Pinnacle Game Night Stephane Da Costa Prime /50 

Not a bad card from an upcoming player and arguably already one of the better players to ever come from France. This card is a prime swatch which features a nice seam of black and white that bulges from the card!

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