Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bribe - Anze Kopitar Spx Rookie

In my household, my wife sometimes likes to exploit my addiction by offering me bribes. For instance, if there is a job she really really doesn't want to do, but it is her responsibility to do it, she will offer up cash to avoid doing it. Funny I know, but it works for our relationship. The other day, there was a circumstance where she really really wanted out of her responsibilities and offered up some cash and that is what this post is all about

We are currently at the stage where we have outgrown the home we are currently living in, so we are in the process of selling our home. With all that being said, we have lots of little jobs that need attending to and one of them was getting a Real Estate agent. We called a few Agents in and made our selection based on the interviews. However, in the process, my wife had spent more time than usual talking to one agent prior to our decision and it was her job to break up with this agent. Well, she wanted nothing to do with that job and immediately offered up 20 bucks if I would do it for her. 

I am no expert on break ups, in fact I have broken up with very few individuals in my life, primarily because I usually like being the nice guy and I will take the fall rather than cause the fall if you know what I mean. However, I am a pretty good teacher and I have lots of parent-teacher experience and I know how to deliver both good and bad news so I guess this comes a little more naturally for me than my wife. With a twenty for incentive, I told her, Deal! Turns out it wasn't that easy of a break up because I had to do it through a voice mail message and then she called back wondering why and then I had to call her back etc., but in the end it was pretty harmless and our reasons for going with someone else were very valid and not personal. Now armed with twenty bucks, I headed to my LCS and nabbed this beauty which has been taunting me for a little while:

06/07 SPX #179 Anze Kopitar Rookie /1299
The photo of Anze is horrible, but it is a relatively limited rookie (compared to UD Base or Victory) and is autographed. The price was 30 on the card so with the twenty and a ten of my own I purchased this baby! I have mentioned in previous posts I am a big fan and this card was on my to-do list for sometime so having to do a little dirty work paid off and now I can enjoy this card for years to come!

As an aside, there was a new mystery box at the LCS which I nabbed for 10 bucks and there was some pretty sweet treasures in that box. But, I guess I will share that another day!


  1. Haha I thought me and my sister only did brides. What subject(s) do you teach?

  2. Hey Michael, I teach high school Math. Mostly 11 and 12 plus some Calculus.

    1. Oh man, so you're the guy that I needed some help from in Grade 11 Pre-Calc last year. Yikes, I had a hard time in that class!

    2. Hahaha, I guess so. Numbers were my thing as a kid, I guess I get to make a living using them now. Certainly isn't something everyone loves...