Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Eric Lindros Patch - Deal of the Summer

With all the new additions to my collection, this is likely the biggest in terms of "value" and also the best deal of the summer. Upon first inspection, the card seems like millions of other patch cards out there from the last 12 years of production.

What makes this card special on closer inspection are the fine details. First off, this features a nice patch that actually is 4 colours. Blue, Silver, Red and Grey. The upper left looks greyish in the scan, but is actually silver. This patch apparently came from the 01-02 season  when Eric was wearing one of New York's third jerseys. That season was the last of Eric's strong seasons (37 goals and 73 points) before his unfortunate decline in production.

The second feature is the gold foil and the card is numbered out of 88. What makes this significant, is this is from the 02-03 Prism McDonald's Hockey set. Patches in this set were produced based on the numbers 250 and the players number. For example, 250 Eric Lindros patch cards were produced, 88 being of the gold variety (his playing number) and 162 silver versions were also made.

What was the biggest surprise to me when I bought this card for 9 dollars was the book value when I brought it home and checked the Beckett Bible was 200 dollars. That was a very pleasant surprise, however, I just loved this card when I saw it and the price was more than fair regardless of BV. But, I would be lying if I said that little bonus didn't just make it that much more sweet.

Of course if a hardcore Lindros fan came along and offered be equivalent BV in trade, I would take it, but all the same I would have definitely paid more than 9 bucks for this card without knowing its BV.


  1. NINE BUCKS!!!!!!!

    Unbelievable! That definitely is the deal of the summer.

    Tremendous card. Congrats.

  2. Thanks guys, certainly was a diamond in the rough! Many of these don't happen much in today's technology age.