Sunday, September 9, 2012

11/12 Rookie Anthology Box Break - Hit by Hit 1

When it was announced that Rookie Anthology was going to be released and the idea of a one-hit per pack approach was going to be used I was intrigued. After seeing a few breaks online, I decided I needed a box for myself. I really enjoy the concept of a rookie focus release as well as an update for many other releases. The base set isn't too shabby either, anyway lets take a look.

Base card design
Here is the front side. Nice glossy photo with a smart use of gold foil. The cards look premium and feel that way too. 100 card base set makes this attempt-able, but after two boxes and some help, I am still a little away from finishing it.

Back side
Here is the back of the card, they have 11-12 statistical information on an 11-12 product. I don't know if the traditionalist in me likes this or not, but the design is decent with lots of information and a certain "Certified" feel to go along with it.

Each box boasts 4 hits plus a bonus hit. In addition to those hits you should also walk away with another 6 rookie cards from products like Pinnacle, Playoff Contenders, Crown Royale etc.

I began my break with my bonus pack and wow did I ever like how it began:

11-12 Limited Banner Season Brad Marchand /25
 This is an on-card, game-used auto of a player who is both hated and loved in Nova Scotia. I like the design and layout of this card and the fact that it is really rare at just 25 copies increases its appeal to me. Not a bad start to this box!


  1. Whoa, what a card!!! Killer timing as well, the B's just locked him up with a contract extension this past week.

  2. Wow. What a great way to start the break!

  3. Sweet hit on the Marchand! I'm glad to see that it is hard signed and not a sticker.

    Y'know who might want that card...Cap'n Canuck. Kiddin' of course.

  4. Thanks a lot guys, I really liked where this box went!

    You never know sometimes where a player will head up later in their career and someday....63 might be hanging in the rafters next to P.Roy and J.Beliveau.....