Friday, September 28, 2012

Mike Bossy Auto

Buying online, unauthenticated autos can be dangerous and risky business. Not so much dangerous for you personally, but spending hard earned cash on a fake is equivalent to murdering your own money. I have seen countless autos on line that just seem far too fake or far too risky to chance my hard earned money on.

However, over a year ago I wrote Mike Bossy and thus far have had no response. I can't remember if I mentioned Wayne Gretzky in my letter or not, but if I did, rumour has it I will never see those cards again. Anyway, an auto that I did have some confidence in did pop up online from a seller I trust.

So for 99 cents plus shipping, I landed an auto I believe to be authentic of one of the best snipers the game has ever seen!

Oddly enough, there is an actual autographed insert from this set featuring Mike Bossy, but this isn't one of those cards. Those cards are numbered by hand on the front, where this card clearly isn't. I like the auto and you can see the stop points on the signature all make sense and the signature is very similar to most other Bossy autos I have seen online.

I am glad I bought this one and for what I paid it was worth the risk, but upon seeing it in person, I am very confident that it is a legit auto, although if it is a is a pretty good one!

Does anyone else take the occasional chance on an unauthenticated auto online? If so, what are your success stories?


  1. The OCD part of me just can't go for unauthenticated autos because I always wonder in the back of my mind. Only one I ever purchased was a Ron Francis autographed Pro Set card. Same deal as you, was from a reputable seller, but more importantly was so dirt cheap that I didn't have to hesitate on it. Even still, it's the red-headed stepchild to all of the other authenticated autos in my collection and it never even sees the light of day anymore now that I have a couple of authenticated Francis autos ;)

  2. I have a couple - the Rocket Richard auto I was able to compare against one that had been gotten in person for me, so I was OK with it. I also have a Bobby Hull that I compared to a number online. If it's fake, it wasn't too pricey and it looks legit enough for me.

  3. I tend to try and do it through the mail. I know the Boss signs a lot of autographs for free and I seem to remember him being very good through the mail.