Friday, May 30, 2014

Trade with Brett from My Hockey Card Obsession

Sometimes to make progress forwards, you need to take a step back. A while ago, Brett from My Hockey Card Obsession showed off some pretty good trade bait and I was hooked like a fish! While I didn't have any cool Lindens to offer, I knew I had some HOF autos I could give up. Given his prolific rate of accumulating HOF autos the task was a little harder than first thought but I had an ace in the hole and it was enough to make a deal. While I gave up my  only Steve Yzerman auto, I did land another HOF auto and some other cool stuff. My plan for Mr. Yzerman is to try and land a less valuable ITG auto and one hopefully with a game used piece with it to make my HOF trifecta. In the meantime, here is what Steve brought home for me!
06-07 Parkhurst Marcel Pronovost Auto
 A hall of fame auto is exactly what I was hoping for and this one is of stay at home defenseman Marcel Pronovost. Not a household name in my house but he does have a pretty rich hockey history and players like him were the backbones of a few Stanley Cups. Marcel won 5 during his 20 year career.

11/12 ITG Ultimate Memorabilia 11th Edition 600th Goal Gartner/Terreri
 These NEVER scan well and I am too lazy to use my camera. This is a gem in person and I now have a Gartner Auto, Rookie and Stick which is pretty great in my books. I also have my first game used Chris Terreri which is equally cool to me and I am guessing there won't be many more featuring old Chris so I was glad to get this one. My only gripe is I was secretly wishing it was the Jersey and Stick from the 600th goal....but I suspect that stick is safe somewhere else.

13/14 Dominion Patch/Auto Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
After landing his auto via TTM, I was still wanting an authentic Nuge auto and one with his current number 93. So this was the card that got me fired up to make a trade and is the centerpiece of the transaction. While I have had custom cards made by Brett before, this is actually our first of what I am hoping will be many trades. Thanks for everything Brett and take care until the next one!


  1. Wow some nice cards there, those Parkhurst autos have always been favorites of mine. Nice trade!

    1. I know, I have been very tempted to buy a box and see how well I would do. There are some pretty crazy SP's in the set too which could make it a serious pay day.