Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Big Thanks To Wes From Hobby Insiders

A little while back I sold my Scott Laughton and bought a couple cool cards with it. During that time I got a chance to talk to a fellow collector named Wes, he bought the Scott and he also told me about a forum called Hobby Insiders (HI). Ryan who runs Two Pad Stack also mentioned it to me so with all this peer pressure I decided to check it out. I have enjoyed my time with it so far, even made a deal or two on there. Well, Wes sent along a welcome gift and here it is!

13/14 UD Series 2 Reid Boucher Canvas Young Gun
 Wow, been wanting this for a while and here it is. Very happy to have a rookie of a future Devils superstar (yep I said superstar!)

13/14 Upper Deck Series 1 Damien Brunner Young Gun
 I already had one, but I do collect multiples of rookie because they are....rookies! I have loads of Recchi, Roenick and Jagr rookies too if you don't believe me!

13/14 Upper Deck Series 2 Damien Brunner Rookie Materials
 I didn't have this one but I am glad I do! Damien had an amazing start, and then cooled off. I am expecting a much better season next year from him and that will certainly increase the appreciation I have for these cards.

13/14 UD Black Diamond Eric Gelinas Rookie
Another one I was needing and wanting pretty badly. These cards never disappoint in person and I have been very tempted to get a Mackinnon as well in Black Diamond form. However, like my Patrick Kane, I will wait a little while before I pull the trigger and take advantage of a saturated rookie market.

Thank you very much Wes and I know you sent these along and asked for nothing, however that isn't how I work. Still trying to find a piece or two for the package and I will get it sent off soon. In the meantime, thank you very much I do appreciate them all!