Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A massive pile of awesome from Shoebox Legends

When I started blogging back in Dec of 2009, I felt as an outsider and really I was. I was newly back into the hobby two years previously, lots had changed and there was a pretty awesome community of card collectors that were blogging. Guys like Mike from Bad Wax, Sal from Puck Junk and Shane from Shoebox were collectors that had cool blogs that motivated me to just give it a try. Then as time passed I found myself slowly being apart of an already established community and that community grows each year. 

I have been very fortunate to have received great things via trade, sale and gratis. Shane most recently has dropped another package of kindness on my door step and I plan on sharing that with you in today's post. As most of you know, I am entirely a hockey collector but thanks to Shane and few others like Jeff from 2x3 heroes I have slowly begun getting a few ball cards in my collection. I even went out recently and finally found a baseball set (exciting I know). 

Shane sent a huge pile of hockey and baseball cards in the most recent package so here are a few of the many that I received.

Bondo!!! During the round years 2002-2005 especially, Bonderman was our lone bright spot. Shame he hasn't been able to pitch as well as he did back then because the Tigers could really use the old Bonderman.

 The card defines what Shane does all the time, X-Tra Effort. Very cool card, another one that I don't own.

 Here is one of many shiny cards from the late 90's. This one is of my doppelganger Pavel Bure. I once dated a girl in high school because she thought I looked like him.
 This is one of a few 78 OPC. What a cool set, not sure if it has a fan following or not but I liked the ones I got. Chuck looks like he is all business and his career .190 batting average suggests otherwise.

 These two were classic.

 Mullets! I got myself a few mullets too. I tried rocking one when I was like 9 years old. Didn't last long or look good.
Another shiny of Alex Mogilny. Good memories of him in New Jersey.

There you go a small sampling of the wicked stack that Shane sent my way. I am already working on getting another one going Shane and hopefully it will be in the mail in a month or two.


  1. I still owe you big time for the last package you sent. I've got some stuff piling up, and some other stuff in mind, hope to have it off to you within a couple of weeks...

  2. Wow! You sir are seriously too kind!

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