Monday, May 5, 2014

Canada Post Screws Up Again and Panini America Makes It Right

So as many of you know, I moved about a year ago. When you move, there are lots of things to take care of and one of those things is mail forwarding. My wife and I had a debate over how long to forward our mail and I wanted to pay for a YEAR and she wanted to do the minimum of 6 months. Not knowing when some of my TTMs might make it back home to me I felt a year was totally worth it and in fact I was tempted to renew just in case. Well a couple days ago our year was up and I will just have to live with any super long returns just not making it back to me. However, returns from Selanne, Tretiak, and Backes are just a couple of the reasons why I was glad to forward for as long as I did.

Sadly, mail forwarding isn't always perfect because people are involved. I had asked for a product replacement from Panini last summer to replace a redemption that was going to take forever to get back and really was going to be crap anyway. It was a 12-13 Limited Devils Rookie Redemption and it turned out that they weren't going to be signed so I asked for a different card. The great people at Panini America offered me another card and it turned out to be this card.

11-12 Panini Contenders NHL Ink - Adam Larsson

However, what happened was they mailed the above card out and weeks later I wondered, where the heck is it? So I logged on to check the tracking and it turns out the card was delivered. But, I never received it. I then knew why, I FORGOT TO CHANGE MY MAILING ADDRESS. My first thought was, damn I am an idiot for not checking that first. But then I thought, why didn't it get forwarded? Canada Post first blamed me because it was a package and they don't forward packages, just letters. But then after a couple of days of "reviewing my case" they realized they did screw up too and offered me postage products to make up for the mistake. Panini on the other hand said they would wait to see if it came back as a "return to sender" . A few weeks later I contacted Panini again and they said it didn't arrive back but that they would resend a second card and they confirmed my new address with me and a week or two later the above card arrived.

In all, I don't think this could have come out any better for me. I had some stressful moments dealing with Canada Post etc, but in the end I believe Panini was the better of the three parties by stepping up and fixing MY MISTAKE and dealing me a homerun of a card. No stickers here, a nice on-card auto of one of the best Devils defense prospects. If it wasn't for DeBoer, Adam would have been a full-time NHL'er a while back.

Thanks Panini for making it right and that is another reason why you will be missed in the Hockey Card market. Top notch customer service.


  1. always good to hear about the good side once in awhile. congrats.

  2. I just found out about UD's newest exclusivity deal. That sucks, I really liked what Panini brought to collecting and Score was my favourite set.

    Glad to hear they're leaving on a good note.

    1. I agree they will be missed for sure. But maybe in the end UD will make a greater product because WE decide what sells.