Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More Brett Connolly Parallel Rookie Goodness - Its Fight Time!

It is amazing how a card company can do both amazing and careless things all on one card. Panini Prime was a premium product with a price point of 200 dollars a pack. Not exactly The Cup price range but certainly on its way there. 

A recent pick-up for the old PC shows the great and bad things about the product. Come and take a look with me.

11-12 Panini Prime - Brett Connolly Hologold Auto Patch Rookie /25
Here is the holo-gold version which is a neat treatment to a card, but it isn't quite as flashy as Upper Deck's The Cup gold treatment. There is also a holo-silver version which I picked up a while back too.

What I like about this card is with the base you get 4 jersey swatches, with the holo-silver there are two patches on mine and then this card has one 4 colour patch, 1 two colour seam and a piece of the fight-strap with velcro!. The last piece is just a swatch of white jersey with a ripple. In all they are 4 great pieces from different parts of the jersey. The patch and the fight strap are just amazing. But, if you look closer, the seam piece doesn't even take up the whole window. There is actually a gap of NOTHING, that is a downer. Another downer is the signature. It looks like the auto area wasn't prepped properly or there was an issue with the marker. Either way, for a premium product those are both cons about this card.  

Here is the back side of the card. Nothing special here from the other versions except the numbering is to 25 instead of 199, 50, 10 which are the regular, silver and black versions respectively.

So, have you ever bought a premium card and been saddened by the craftsmanship? In all the patches and numbering make up for the signature and seam piece but I would not have been happy if I paid 200 bucks for a box and this was my main hit. But since his is in my PC and I paid very little for the card, its shortcomings can be over looked.


  1. Nice card! I'm with you, I'd be bummed pulling that from a $200 pack, but that's why I don't bust $200 packs. Given that you got it for much, much less than that great pick-up! I think you're officially becoming THE Connolly super-collector.

  2. Haha thanks! Actually I have a couple more coming so I think you are right. Though there is a listing on eBay for a full name Connolly signed manupatches....can't spend 170 bucks on that some might question my commitment to the project..