Friday, January 21, 2011

TTM Success

Almost 16 years after receiving my first TTM I have received my second. Over the past month I have mailed out several autograph requests and my first one arrived.

Doug Gilmour!
I sent it on the 23rd of Dec and I received it back on the 19th of Jan.
I send two cards and he signed them both with a blue sharpie.

The Upper Deck card has always been one of my favs because of the cool stare he is giving to someone. I chose the Score one because I thought it would look nice with my 10-11 Score set that I am working on. I cannot express my excitement of this one enough as Doug is also a former Devil. His stay with NJ was pretty brief but in his 83 games over two seasons he did put up 75 points. Watching this guy play was always fun. Doug played like he was 3 inches taller and 20 lbs heavier. For his career he put up 450 goals and 1414 point while averaging nearly a point a game. To me, he will always be remembered for the 92-93 season where he carried the Leafs on his back to the conference final. During the regular season he had a career high 127 points and then in the playoffs put up another 35 points despite not making it to the Stanley Cup final. Hard to say if he will eventually make it into the HOF. I believe Doug belongs there and time will tell if he receives his place there or not. Either way, he is a class act and I appreciate the time he took to sign my cards.

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