Monday, January 31, 2011

Don Cherry TTM

Here is what I received in the mail last week as mentioned. Don is a very generous signer as I only send him one card and I received three personalized ones in return.

06-07 Parkhurst Card

I am not sure where this photo comes from but he included it with my request.

This is a photo from his videos that was included by Don as well and it was cut by him to fit in the envelope that I send with my request.

Like most Canadian kids, I grew up loving Coaches Corner and the Rock'em Sock'em videos so sending Don a fan letter was a lot of fun. Of course it doesn't hurt when you receive some great autos like these ones back in return! For those of you interested, there is a really good movie done on the life of Don Cherry called "Keep your head up, Kid". Don's son Tim had a hand in writing it and from what I have heard it is pretty accurate to the life Don has lived in hockey. Definitely one of the better hockey movies out there!


  1. That's pretty cool... Don seems really nice... I watched the "Keep your head up, kid" on CBC this month and it was well done (for CBC mini series standards)... My girlfriend's grandfather is the reason Don had to retire - Don broke his ankle sliding into 2nd base while he was protecting it

  2. Haha that is too funny, did he tell you the story or is it something she shared because I think that story would be best heard first hand!