Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oh boy, a sale!

So I was at Walmart yesterday and was picking up some diapers when I decided to cruise by the card section to see if there was anything fun. Sure enough, I was greeted by Mr. Toews and it turns out he is 40% off. So for my 15 dollars I would be receiving 8 retail packs containing 8 cards per pack and 1 oversized UD card. Based on the odds, I could also expect 2 Young Guns, 4 Victory rookies and a couple other inserts. So the debate with myself begins, do I make the purchase? Well I am not finished the set as I am missing 13 base cards so I figure at worst, I get 6 rc's and a pretty cool tin. Deal! (I guess I really am a sucker for series 2)

Upon opening the package I immediately find:

An oversized Marian Gaborik. Not a horrible start....

Then inside I find:
49 base cards, 3 of which I needed
3 Victory base cards: 253 Michalek, 266 Howard, 286 Antropov
1 Champions Insert - Jennifer Botterill (an actual Champions I would want for once)
1 Hockey Heroes - HH19
1 Playoff Performers - PP10 Patrick Kane
1 Captain's Calling - CC1 Crosby
4 Victory rookies - 303 Myers, 308 Benn, 310 Gagnon, 319 Gilroy

Then the surprises

3 Young Guns - 451 MacGregor Sharp, 482 Bobby Sanguinetti, 495 Mario Bliznak
1 Victory Gold rc

So for once I exceeded the Young Guns odds which is a first. I almost always get what I should or sometimes less. The Reimer is a nice surprise because first of all I didn't realize his rc was from 09-10 because I don't believe he played his first game until 10-11. Secondly, a Victory Gold rc is almost as good as a Young Gun in my books so they card could be a keeper.

In all, I think the tin was decent. Nothing that will be worth of a UD facebook post that is for sure, but decent inserts, 3 yg rc and 5 victory rcs including one gold makes for a 6/10 in my books. What are your thoughts? Did I get my 15 bucks back? What would you rate this break?

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  1. pretty nice break. hit me up on email... I probably have the base cards you need.