Friday, January 7, 2011

Holiday Hits 2

My next set of holiday hits come from two blaster boxes of 09-10 UD Hockey. I received these as a gift from my in-laws as well. I was very happy to see these because each box should have two young guns and I am still working on both series 1 and 2 so there are bound to be a couple I need. These blaster boxes each have 12 packs with 5 cards per pack and the young guns are seeded at 1:6. The jersey cards are at a near improbable 1:240 which means you find one every 20 boxes!

The first box was my favourite of the two. I found an Alex Ovechkin Top Guns insert as well as two solid rookies. The first rookie hit was Ryan O’Reilly of the Avalanche who is a solid two way centre and at the age of 19 still he has many years of growth and development ahead of him. I already had this RC, but I can always trade one now as he is going to be desirable in the future. The second rookie was one that I was really wanting but didn’t have yet, Evander Kane. Evander brings back great memories especially in light of the recent loss by Canada. Kane was a member of Canada’s last gold medal winning Junior team and has already by the age of NHL developed into a decent NHL’er. I am excited at the potential this kid displays. I really believe there is no reason why Evander will not be a consistent 35 goal guy in the next couple of years.

The next box wasn't as strong, but it did produce two rookies and one surprise. The rookies aren’t household names in the circles I run in as John Negrin has only played 3 NHL games so far in his career and currently is with the Abbotsford Heat in the AHL. The other rookie is Mika Pyorala who played for the Flyers briefly but has taken his talents to the SEL where he has joined P.J Axelsson on the Vastra Frolunda roster. Currently Pyorala is second on the team in goals with 11. Neither of these cards are going to make anyone foam at the mouth with excitement but maybe someone needs them for their set. The biggest surprise came from the inserts. I pulled the usual couple of inserts and one of them was a Malkin Top Gun and a Malkin All-World Team. I joked to myself that this was a Malkin fan's dream box. However, I was pleased to discover the All-World insert was actually a SP. So even though the Guns were duds, I did have a decent Malkin card to show for it. I hope to get my inserts for trade updated with my "higher" end cards and the SP'ed ones. Malkin will be on that list shortly.

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