Thursday, August 15, 2013

12-13 BTP Glen Hanlon Auto

One of my favourite local dealers had a few things back on eBay a little while back that I ended up snagging for peanuts. Here is the first of a couple cards:

12-13 ITG BTP Decades 80's Glen Hanlon Auto 
I love the Decades theme and the Decades 90's is coming out soon and I need to decide if I am in or out. This is a pretty sweet auto and a nice card design overall. To ME personally, Glen will always be a Red Wing in my head because that is where my last memory of him was. However, he did play some significant time with the Canucks and Rangers as well. This photo looks like it is from his Rangers days where he posted one of his best NHL seasons going 28-14-4 in 1983-84. Glen was an amazing Junior hockey goalie who was a victim of some pretty bad timing playing for a few clubs during some tough years. Don't get me wrong, it isn't like he was the next Grant Fuhr, but I think with a better roll of the dice he showed the same potential as Bryan Hayward or Mike Vernon.

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