Sunday, August 4, 2013

08-09 UD Ultimate Jakub Voracek Auto

So not long after Jakub found himself in Philadelphia, I decided to try and write him for an autograph. Since Jakub is a former Moosehead player, I did cheer for him in junior and I really wanted him to succeed at the NHL level. His first couple seasons certainly showed he had much to learn at the NHL level but this past season was an amazing one which saw him score 22 goals and 46 points in 48 games. The 22 goals was a career high and I am very interested in seeing what he will do with a full NHL season this coming year.

After about a year and a half I have given up on my TTM request and I did find this little rookie year auto for about the same price I paid to send my TTM request.

08-09 UD Ultimate Ultimate Signatures Jakub Voracek

The card itself features a nice on-card auto with black sharpie. He signs his name and number on the card which all look very elegant if you ask me, but I doubt I can read much of it.

Despite my possible TTM rejection, I still wish Jakub the best and I hope someday he makes it across the turnpike into NJ and plays for the Devils. His skill and style certainly reflect a player who knows both ends of the ice and has a knack for scoring and setting up goals. For those who didn't know, Voracek was in a pretty serious car crash this past May in the Czech Republic but all reports say he was fine and will be all systems go to start the NHL season this fall.

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