Monday, June 11, 2012

Thanks for a good season boys!

Well I guess we didn't have enough left in the tank after knocking off the Rangers and that was a fear I had all along. It was a great season though and as a Devils fan I am sad, but not disappointed. 

Three predictions I can see happening are:

1. We will give up our first round pick as our penalty for the Kovy signing...utter BS if you ask me.

2. Brodeur will come back for one more season given there is no lock-out.

3. Parise will sign with another team....I don't think he heart is 100% with us.

Of course, I will still always be a Devils fan and being in the finals is still a great accomplishment. Hard to think we will be back next season, but that is why they play the games and that is why we watch!

Go Devils Go!


  1. Congrats on a great ride, though. Must have been fun. :)

    I just hope we have hockey in the fall and they don't leave us hanging like basketball did.

  2. Oh I know...Three lock-outs in less than 20 years can't be good for ANY sport. It will certainly cripple a few organizations.