Friday, June 15, 2012

Andrei Markov Auto - I paid less than the Montreal Canadiens for mine!

I will begin by saying, Andrei Markov is a good defenseman. I think that most teams would LOVE to have him on their PP unit. In fact, he has 40 points in his last 65 games! However, it took him 3 seasons to play 65 games and there lies the problem. He is making 5.75 million a year to make comebacks and get re-injured. 

If I was a Montreal fan, I would be pretty disappointed that my club dumped that much money into a defenseman who has had some issues lately being dependable and healthy. Sure it doesn't count against the cap, but at the same time it is still money that is being spent for another spectator.

10/11 Artifacts Autofacts
I guess that auto says Andrei Markov or something along those lines....I can read he signed 79 on the end which is always cool. Looking at the photo I believe he is looking through the fog from a concussion or is in the process of winking at YOU! Yes you!

Anyway, this was the best card in a three card auto lot from the 10/11 Artifacts set featuring all defenseman.

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