Thursday, June 28, 2012

53-54 Parkhurst Harry Howell - Auto Rookie

I mentioned earlier that I picked up two "Buy It Now" autos from a dealer on eBay, well here is the second and I would say more exciting auto. Since I am actually trying to build the 53-54 Parkhurst set, this auto counts as three different cards to me. Sure it is a part of the set, but it is also a rookie of a HOF defenseman and it is an autograph. The card does have some rounded corners and the crease you see is only visible on the front side of the card. In all the card is in pretty weak shape (g-vg) but the autograph more than makes up for that to me!

Like the previous Howell auto, the signature looks 100% legit both in the scan and in person which is awesome and the fact that this is a rookie card made this card far more valuable to me as a collector than what I had to pay to get it. Thanks again Ralph, I certainly will keep watching your postings!

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  1. I think that's pretty awesome. As to the condition, I've seen far worse (and I have far worse). The colours are fine and it shows OK. A keeper!