Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Alec Martinez Auto - No hard feelings here

A long while ago, I first learned of Alec by pulling his young gun rookie card. At the time, I considered it a 2/10 and figured he would be a fringe player. Well now Alec has something I don't and that is a Cup ring and he is turning into a pretty reliable defenseman. This past year saw him score 6 goals, 6 assists and 12 points in 51 games and another 3 points in 20 playoff games. Based on those numbers, you won't confuse him with Drew Doughty, but seeing him play in the finals, I saw a player who is pretty capable in his own end and can log some good minutes.

I think his rookie card is turning into more of a 3.5/10 which isn't too shabby but likely still beyond a must have for most people. But I also added an autograph of him to my collection as well and for an extremely low price too!

10/11 Artifacts Autofacts
This is from the 10/11 Artifacts set which yields 1 Autofacts card per box. If this was my auto hit for the box I would be pretty sad, but for 2 bucks as part of a lot deal you really can't go wrong. I see Mr Martinez having a pretty decent career in the NHL and with 1 Cup already, Mike Gartner and company are already jealous!

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