Friday, June 29, 2012

Eric Staal Game Used

When it comes to game used cards, unless it is a patch, it is often hard to tell where exactly the piece came from. That is not the case with this piece, I recently landed a nice Eric Staal game used card for 2 bucks and my only reason for bidding on it was I wanted a piece of a fellow Thunder Bay boy Eric Staal. When the card arrived, I first noticed that texture was odd and very elastic. Also, the black stripe was pretty small and looking at the picture of him I couldn't see where it exactly came from.

11/12 Panini Pinnacle Threads  #/50

However if you look at  the jersey as a whole, I think it was part of the bottom trim.

Eric of course has had a pretty busy few weeks getting ready for his younger brother's wedding and then helping him move his stuff from Pittsburgh to Raleigh is likely on his to-do list. This coming season is going to be very exciting for Canes Fans, and with Marc still playing in the NHL maybe they will form a Staal reunion next season. After all, they already have the rights to Jared, it would only make sense to land the 4th and final piece of the bunch.

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