Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two Years and Benny Woit PC

Two years ago today, I decided to start my own blog. Really didn't care if anyone ever read it and did it more for the fun of it. After a year of writing extremely sporadically, I got the itch to do more posts and try and attract a few readers. I changed from doing a blog purely for me to a blog where I could interact with other collectors and maybe even make a couple trades.

Sure enough my second year of writing attracted over 16000 more hits than the previous year and I have you other bloggers to thank for it. Many of you linked my blog to your own and I think being apart of a network is much more rewarding that doing it for one's self.

I haven't been breaking packs much over the last couple months and the reason is I am trying to get more vintage. I have picked up more 51's and I hope to get them up soon and I have been working on a couple PC's. First is Benny Woit. I have two of his cards so far, they are here and here. With only a half dozen or so cards to his name, Benny Woit shouldn't be too hard to accomplish and I am now two cards closer!

52-53 Parkhurst

Here is the front side of the card. The picture is very similar to the 51-52 Parkhurst card and this isn't uncommon for the 52-53 Parkhurst set either. The card is a little larger than the 51-52 and features the autograph of the player on the front as well.

The backsides of the card feature stats, a small write-up an offer for a storage album for the 52-53 set. If anyone has a picture of this album I would love to see it sometime! Heck, maybe even try and own one. As you can see from his stats he put up a decent season for a defenseman.

54-55 Parkhurst Premium Back
LOVE THIS CARD. Everything from the black and white/colour mix to the expression of the player's faces. You can see Terry Sawchuck really well in this shot and I even wonder if it is this glove that I own a small piece of! Just a cool card in my books and my favourite of the collection thus far.

Here is what the premium back looks like on this card.

So there you have it, I am two cards closer and two years in. I look forward to another year of blogging and sharing stories with my fellow bloggers and casual readers! All the best to everyone in 2012 and I hope everyone has a great New Year!


  1. Congrats om the anniversary and nice cards! I love both those sets. I also always found it cool that Parkhurst only colourized part of the picture. It's a neat little feature of that set.

  2. Nice cards and congratulations on hitting the two-year mark. Looking forward to reading for another year!