Monday, December 5, 2011

Parkhurst Project Card 14

Here is the third of the PSA graded 51 Parkies I landed a few weeks ago. This one like the others is graded a 1, and really the most poor of the three. I also got a fourth from the same dealer and this one isn't graded but is the nicest of the four (expect that post in a day or so).

Like other two posts, Jim McFadden is also a Chicago Blackhawk and is giving the camera guy a snow job too! McFadden who was born in Ireland had a pretty successful NHL career which included a Calder Trophy in 1948 after putting up 24 goals and 48 points in just 60 games. He would continue the winning ways by earning a shot at playing in the All-Star game in 1950 and a Stanley Cup Championship in 1950!

In the end, McFadden would finish with 100 goals, 126 assists and 226 points in a career spanning 8 seasons and 412 games.

Card #44 and #14 of 105 in my set

Percent Completed:

Cost of Card:
$6.00 with shipping

Total Cost of Set to Date:

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