Saturday, December 3, 2011

Parkhurst Project Card 13

The dealer that had the Fred Hucul card, also had several others and I ended up with a few of them. George Clare Martin was another PSA graded 1 card.

Like the previous card, this card has had it fair share of attention by minors and isn't in the best of shape. Like the previous card too, it features Clare giving the camera a snow job which looks pretty cool. A number of cards in this set have this type of photo which I think only adds the coolness and character.

Clare Martin was a defensemen who like other players in the 40's took time off from hockey to enlist in the military. After 5 years away from the game he came back to the Bruins and in the summer of '49 was traded to the Red Wings. Lucky for him as the Red Wings would go on to win the Cup in 1950 which would be his only Cup win.

Clare had a good NHL career which lasted 237 games where he scored 12 goals, 28 assists and 40 points.

Card #39 and #13 of 105 in my set

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