Friday, December 2, 2011

Parkhurst Project Card 12

Been a while since I have made a dent into the Parkhurst Project. But alas I found a few good deals online so the set has grown. Here is today's addition. I bought this card because the starting bid seemed like a good price, but at the same time it was the most I was willing to pay for the card. It just turns out that no one else wanted to make a bid so I won by default (Simpsons fan know it as the two greatest words in the english language!)

Anyway, here is the card.

I don't know why someone would grade a card that would get a grade of 1. It is like putting alloy rims with spinners on an 87 Dodge Caravan if you ask me. However, I was curious what a poor card looks like and as you can see the corners are round, and the card has some creasing. I have a feeling most of my cards in my set so far would be graded poor.

Fred Hucul has one of the longest gaps between NHL games I have ever seen. He played for the Blackhawks in the 50's with his last game being in 1954. He would toil in the minors after that season before emerging back in the NHL thanks to expansion with the St. Louis Blues in 1967 which is 13 years later!! He was a pretty good offensive defensemen in the minors breaking 50 points 8 times in the WHL, but in the NHL had pretty average numbers.

His career totals are 164 games, 11 goals, 30 assists for 41 points.

Card #45 and #12 of 105 in my set

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$6.00 with shipping

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  1. I think sometimes people just grade anything that's '51 just to prove it's real. After those reprint sets came out, it's a little dodgy (though I don't think they look all that close).

    Good to see you back in the saddle with these! It's a nifty set.

    I think a 1 is a little harsh. I've seen far worse.

  2. I agree, this was probably graded just to prove its authenticity. Great card though, what a deal for $6 shipped!!!

  3. I interviewed Fred Hucul (pronounced like Huckle) and he had some great stories. He was a great player in the old Western League and went on to coach the Kansas City Blues after retiring.

  4. Thanks guys, that seems to make some sense. Still, I don't know many that would question the authenticity of a card in poor shape. Then again there are collectors out there who love graded cards and it could improve the value somewhat!

    Is there any chance there is a transcript of that interview or is it published anywhere? I would love to hear/read what Fred had to say. And thanks for the pronunciation, I certainly wouldn't have guessed that!

  5. The interview isn't published at this point as it is for a book I'm doing on NHL expansion. We talked about the Blues, mostly, but he is living in Arizona these days.