Friday, December 23, 2011

My hobby shop now has a quarter box!

My little hobby shop has been getting cooler by the week. First they went from having a few stray singles that didn't interest me much and ball point pen autos to having some vintage and current rookies. Certainly a nice move especially because the prices are all great. Then they added some quarter boxes and more vintage cards. I had to restrain myself from buying a 71-72 Topps Howe card. He wanted 50 for it, but there was a small ball point pen mark on the back that dissuaded me from buying.

The latest addition was two boxes loaded with singles marked 4 for a dollar or 50 cents each. I start sifting and boy did I like what I saw! Sure there was junk I already owned, but there was also some cool retro singles as well as an autograph. So sit back and see what I found!

Wayne Connelly 62-63 Parkhurst
Don't let the alternate spelling fool you, this is Wayne's rookie!

Paul Martin 03-04 Titanium Retail
Numbered rookie for 25 cents, yes please.

Milan Michalek 03-04 Titanium Retail
Probably the most "valuable" card to me. I don't have any of his rookies so it was nice to land this for a quarter.

Gump Worsley 71-72 OPC
This card is likely VG but it was a fun card to find in the box and one I don't own so it was a no brainer for 2-bits.

Eric Daze 02-03 Stadium Club Lone Star Signatures
This card had the highest book value at 20 bucks, was pretty surprised to see an auto in there and couldn't pass this one up. I remember when Daze was a goal scoring beast with 8 straight 20+ goal seasons.

Gerry Ehman 59-60 Parkhurst
His rookie card! Not in bad shape either!

Gary Edmundson 59-60 Parkhurst
Another rookie, shame for the ink about his head.

Mats Naslund 83-84 OPC
The only card in the lot that wasn't a quarter. This set me back a dollar, but I needed it for my set so I certainly couldn't leave it!

Garry Veneruzzo 68-69 Topps
I learned something buying this rookie card for a buck, Gary was born in the same part of Thunder Bay that I was! I had never heard of him prior to buying this card so not only do I have his rookie, I also had a history lesson.

Claude Provost 62-63 Parkhurst
Card is in pretty rough shape, but I didn't have any from this set before so it was nice to find it.

Bill Reay 74-75 Topps
Looks like his lucky hat would soon let him down as he was fired 2 1/2 seasons after this card was produced. I learned that I will be needed his rookie card to help finish my 51-52 set... Kinda neat info..

Albert Langlois 60-61 Parkhurst
My first from this set as well, almost my second as I left a $20 Jacques Plante card behind. Crazy you ask? Maybe, but the card was pretty rough....creases and pen marks....I still wonder about it though..

Earl Ingarfield 60-61 Topps
His name is Earl and he is my first of two from this set.

Larry Regan 60-61 Parkhurst
Larry looks a bit like Norm MacDonald to me, according to the back of the card he "is a real dipsy-doodler and a treat to watch". The back of the card also says he "had a bad injury due to a gimpy knee". They sure don't write card backs like that anymore!

Jean Guy Talbot 61-62 Parkhurst
Looks like the Canadiens were Irish for a year, these cards had cartoons on the back with a funny rub and reveal punchline. This one had something about soap...

Al Arbour 68-69 Topps
My first non-coaching Al Arbour card. Love the Johnny Unitas hair cut!

Al LeBrun 60-61 Topps
My other card from this set.

Gilbert Perreault 73-74 Topps
I seem to be finding this guy's cards everywhere I go!

Ryan Suter 05-06 Power Play
A few modern rookies grabbed my attention. I didn't have any of his yet and for 25 cents I would buy them up all day. He is a beast on the blue-line.

Andrej Meszaros 05-06 Power Play
Hasn't been able to be as offensive as his Ottawa days, but should figure into the long-term plays for Philly. Lots of talent and a nice deal at 25 cents.

Rick DiPietro 00-01 UD Reserve
Much like the Islanders I wonder why I spent money on this guy. I dropped a quarter, they dropped 67.5 million. I guess my gamble isn't as bad!

There you have it. A nice raiding of the box, and I hope they keep them coming as it will certainly have be back time and time again. Overall, it cost me 6.90 with taxes and it landed me 21 cards. I picked up a few other singles in subsequent trips which I will have to post at another time!


  1. I agree... I wish we had quarter boxes like that here.

    Well done.

  2. Nice! Haven't seen a quarter box in a dog's age. The Naslund is an RC, too, is it not?

  3. Nice work! Love the vintage Parkhurst and Topps cards!