Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Custom Boxes of 11/12 Score

Last year, I was all over Score. I immediately ordered 3 boxes and had some success with those three. Nailed ALL SP rookies, one SSP rookie, one auto, one french back and most of the base cards. However, I was still about 50 cards short and even now I still don't have a complete set (please see want list). I was pleased with the experience, but I wondered if I could do better. Sure pulling a Nugent-Hopkins rookie would be awesome, but chances are certainly against you and getting an auto rookie hit of some prospect now in Europe isn't too appealing.

So I asked myself, do I want to run out and drop 100 bucks and have another partial set with a couple cool inserts? Or would I like to try and build my own boxes and secure a complete set of 11/12 Score. A few fellow bloggers have built their own boxes, and I felt why not do something similar with the goal of landing a set and a few other fun cards.

I will share the loot when it arrives, but as a little teaser, here is what I ended up with:

3 "Boxes" Which yielded a complete set 1-546

0 inserts (which I am fine with)

1 SSP Rookie from 11/12 Score

1 Autograph from another set

6 Vintage "Buybacks"

1 Game used card from another set

My idea is the boxes each yield two vintage buybacks plus one other hit(SSP, Auto, Game-used).

My "hits", aren't from the Score set with the exception of the SSP which makes things more fun in my opinion, but you could easily do it all with Score cards.

Anyway, they should all be here by next week!


  1. I have 10 cards off of your wantlists... send me an email and we'll work something out.
    Something like, just send me your address and I'll mail them to you.
    Something like that ;)

  2. Nice, looking forward to seeing what you picked up!

  3. What do you mean by "building a box"?

  4. I like the idea. Nicely done on building it your way.

    Getting the base set definitely is a great start.

  5. Thanks guys!

    @Sal, basically I am taking what I would have paid for three boxes, which in theory would yield nearly a complete set and used that money to buy a set. Then leftover money, could have been used to try and pick up some of the insert sets or whatever, but I was pretending there were buyback inserts from previous sets and stuff. So I used the remaining money to pick up those types of things. I did it in a ratio that I could in theory pretend they came from three boxes. That is why I called it building a box.

    Silly, yes. But certainly was fun to do. Maybe as fun as busting the packs themselves....

  6. That isn't silly. It actually makes a lot of sense. Less money and less waste. I bought a complete set of this year's OPC (including SPs) for less than what 3 boxes would have cost me. Somehow, I will manage to live without all of the crummy inserts the packs would have yielded me.

  7. Nothing beats opening packs. I am not talking about the moments afterwards when you realize that you got nothing but a crappy insert and doubles or triples of cards you already had. I am talking about the moments leading up to and the actually opening.
    I can't buy a complete set, I'd just shelf it and not really get anything out of it. No feeling of accomplishment. If I ever did buy a complete set I'd probably ask the seller to shuffle the cards so I could at least organize them.
    It's definitively cheaper to buy the complete set but for me, I wouldn't get as much joy out of it.

  8. JGBlargh, I will let you put my cards in numerical order for me, if you like :)

  9. @Canuck, Thanks for the offer, I will email you for sure!

    @JGBlargh, I totally agree in the value of building and collecting a set. I will likely put a set like this in a binder as it is a pretty large and comprehensive set and I will certainly pull it out of the closet a few times and enjoy it so for how little I paid it will be worth it.. I do plan on building H&P and Possibly an UD set this season too so I can try and get the best of both worlds.

  10. I got two boxes of Score in the mail today. I was planning on selling the packs at a rummage sale. As always I sampled the product. I like the base cards for the most part. I did pull that god awful Antropov press conference shot. Tempted to try this set. I could get a Fat Pack box for about $90 including S/H. If you're not into praying for a hit maybe Fat pack boxes would be the better way to go. I know the collation in a fat pack box isn't perfect but I bet it's much better than buying 3 boxes. I'll have to think about pulling the trigger on that one.

    @Sal - If you pay all the shipping, I could do some. Not much else to do in the Arctic during winter.

  11. This is a great idea, but I can't see myself doing it. I agree with JGBlargh, nothing is more fun to me than busting wax. You just never know what is going to be in that next pack, and that is what keeps me buying boxes.b Granted, I usually end up with a ton of doubles and triples (thanks UD collating!), but then I can trade them with my blogger friends. Nothing beats pulling those last few cards you need from a pack.