Thursday, November 24, 2011

Card of the Week - Sidney Crosby

Love him or hate him, damn he is good! Not just because I have him on one fantasy team (2nd round pick), but 4 points in his first game back and hopefully a chance to show fans what he is really capable of when he hits his prime! I am a fan of him, and I wish him all the best this season and future seasons.

05-06 Parkhurst #657
Front side
I am a big fan of the rookies in this set. I don't think it is just because it is a Parkhurst release, but I think it is due because it is an attractive set of cards. The rookies are simple yet eye catching and I think this card is a good example of the Parkhurst Rookies.

Back side
Like the front, the backside is attractive and simple looking. I think each passing year has these cards looking better and better to me. At some point I will grab a few boxes and try and build the set. I did buy a retail box once hoping to pull this card. No such luck, but I did pull a few other gem rookies but no Crosby. Ovechkin of course has a rookie in this set which I did pull from a repack box.

How I received the card: Purchased on eBay for $18.00
Beckett Value: 20 - 50 dollars


  1. That's a great way to get an affordable Crosby rookie, which I'm ashamed to admit I do not have. I may have to pick one of these up sometime!

  2. Yeah totally a great way. And the card is a little better than the Victory and Mcdonalds versions but of course not the same calibre of a young gun.

  3. The diagonal stripes, paired with Crosby's skating pose, give the card a dynamic feeling of motion. I am all about the diagonals :)

    Dave, if you ever decide to build the set, let me know. I have about 1,000 extras of base cards and about 100 extra RCs and other SP cards. Or, if you DON'T want to build a set, I have a complete set (1-700 with SPs) that is missing 5 base cards.

  4. How much is that card signed???

    Because i have one and got it in a set

    Mint condition in glass screwed case

    If you can find a price and how many are left,

    That would be awesome

    1. If it is numbered to 100, then it is a facsimile auto and books for about 120. If it is autographed in person, it is worth what anyone will pay. Either way, it sounds like a really nice card.