Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Tribute to the Champs

Well Boston won the Cup and I want to congratulate all of their fans. The team played well during the regular season and seemed to look better each round of the playoffs. They definitely deserved the win, but Canuck fans shouldn't hang their heads. Making it to the dance is a feat in itself and hopefully the Devils will meet the Canucks in the final next year!

Here is a small tribute to the champs with cards of current Bruins from my collection. I pulled all from packs with the exception of Seguin which I landed for 99 cents plus shipping from Ebay.

Zdeno Chara
Either you love this guy or you hate him. I am still not a fan, but last night he earned some of my respect by getting down low (which isn't easy for him) and making a save on an open net with his arm! A good captain who won't go down as the best in history but he plays a good North American game.

Milan Lucic
Here is a card I consider to be a RC (for my own purposes). Lucic is a player I do like a fair bit and was a big reason why the Bruins played so well in the regular season. Didn't contribute much offensively this post season but he is able to change the game in other ways. Definitely a poor man's Cam Neely.

Brad Marchand
11 goals this post season! I hope Brad is able to carry that momentum into next year and put up numbers that are reflective of how well he played this post season. I see no reason why he can't be a consistent 60 point guy in his prime. He is coming to my neck of the woods at the end of July and I hope to get a few autos. HOPE is the key word, I have heard conflicting reports on what he is like in person so I will have to judge for myself.

Tuukka Rask
With how Timmy played, he wasn't much of a factor this post season. This will be his team in a couple of years if he is able to earn it and I think one off season isn't anything to worry about but if he doesn't bounce back next year he may be off to other pastures.

Mark Recchi

I love this card so much I decided to show front and back. One reason why I am a big fan of the 90-91 UD was their use of photos on the back which features a nice in action slap shot. On the front of this card, you get a photo which looks like Recchi just had been hit by a truck.

Michael Ryder
Ryder chipped in with a solid post season performance. 8 goals and 9 assists have fans thinking he may be back to his early career form.

Tyler Sequin

Seguin showed some real flashes of brilliance this post season (6 points in 2 games) and then fell off with 1 point in his other 11 games. I think he has the potential to be a Marc Savard type player and much like Savard he may take a little more time to grow into that type of player. Julien is going to have to give him minutes to grow and he will need to adapt a little more to NHL calibre play if this prediction is going to be true.

Congrats Boston and bring on the NHL Entry Draft!


  1. I also like the old 90-91 upper deck cards. Loved the photo on the back.

  2. What will Tyler Seguin do now that he's won the most sought after prize in the NHL?!

  3. Awesome tribute. I wanted Vancouver to win but I am happy so see some people on Boston win. (Chara, Thomas, Ryder and a couple more.)