Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Elmer Lach TTM

I mailed away 0 cards and 1 blank decoy and I received back 4 autographed cards! You would be hard pressed to find a player who was tougher and played harder from whistle to whistle than Elmer Lach.

In the 1944-45 season, Maurice Richard became the first player to score 50 goals in 50 games. However, it was Elmer Lach who lead the league in scoring with 80 points and was named the league MVP.

Here is one of the cards I received. He also included a little thank you note which was very kind! You can check out the rest of the story at Dirty


  1. I was lucky enough to receive Mr Lach's auto last month. I sent him two photos and two cards, and he signed all four.

    I hope you didn't get someone else's cards!!! Ha!

  2. kidding, someone would be pretty sad to just get a decoy card back!

  3. Ill trade u a maxim Norue 10-11 Victory rookie card for any Elmer Lach auto, Email me @ for response ASAP