Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Trails Paul Kariya

Well it looks like Paul has decided to call it a career. It is probably good that Paul is able to walk away from the game without any further concussions. However, it will leave many fans wondering "what could have been?" had he not had so many injury ridden seasons.

Paul was also a victim of bad timing as he missed out on winning a Cup despite trying to chase after one in Colorado, only to have the Ducks eventually win a Cup without his presence.

Drafted 4th overall in 1993 Paul began his career with much promise
Here is his 92-93 UD Rookie card. It is the ONLY rookie card of Paul.

Paul put up some pretty decent career numbers where he averaged exactly a point a game.

402 goals, 587 assists and 989 points in 989 games.

His finest year was in 95-96 when he had 50 goals, 58 assists and 108 points.

The closest he came to winning a cup was in 2003 when the Ducks lost out in game 7 of the Stanley Cup final to my very own New Jersey Devils.

Now the debate begins, does he have what it takes to make the Hall of Fame? I don't think he will on the first several ballots. Players like Adam Oates should make it in before Paul does, but I won't rule out a chance of him making it in on his 10th+ ballot.

Here is a 07-08 UD jersey card I pulled from a pack.

No doubt he was talented, but head shots did shorten his career and hopefully the NHL takes care of this before players like Crosby are the next Kariya!


  1. shame he didnt get to the 1,000 point club.

    also, if you were around back in 1992 you cant forget how blazing HOT his 1991 Czech UD card was.
    Man, those packs were about $15 a PACK!

  2. Wow Eric, I totally forgot he was a part of that Czech set. I remember those days though and the Hamrlik rc was fetching nearly 40 bucks! Was too rich for my blood back then, I should try and pick that set up. I currently have NO cards from it.

  3. Man, i'd love to even FIND a box nowadays, 20 years later. time to check ebay lol