Friday, June 24, 2011

Corey Perry - Card of the week

I decided that I am going to steal a good idea that other bloggers are doing and I am going to try and share a new card each week that is either news relevant or something cool from my collection. This past week there has been lots of headline worthy news and the draft hasn't even happened yet. Rather than focus on the blood and destruction that has just happened in Philly, I am going to focus on the new league MVP.

When I got back into collecting but before I learned about pack searching, I used to think I had a chance at pulling a good rookie from a pack of 05-06 UD Ice. I probably bought close to 30 packs of the stuff. I had pulled only 2 rookies from all those packs. One was one of the best AHL players in the last decade (Keith Aucoin) and the other is David Gove (I like his first name).

What I did pull that was cool, was 8 or 9 game used cards including Mr. Corey Perry.

05-06 UD ICE Cool Threads
Like I mentioned before, even though it is an insert and isn't officially listed as a rookie I do consider this a rookie card for my collection. The photo is from when he wore 61 and it appears to be during a home game against the Kings. After his first season, he switched to the number 10 which is what he is still wearing. I don't own many Perry cards from this year (just this one and his Parkhurst rookie) but it is enough for me.

I am actually a big fan of the Cool Threads and Fresh Ice inserts. It was back when UD used good size swatches and the pictures on them are good and well thought out.

Back side

The only complaint is there seems to be LOTS of wasted space on the back. Wish they put stats on the backs of these things or had a nice blurb about Corey's awesome junior career or something!

How I received it: Pulled from a pack
Beckett Value: 4-10 bucks

I think these cards are a great deal based on the BV of them. There are other memorabilia cards kicking around out there that aren't as nice and priced at twice the value. For example, a Corey Perry 05-06 UD Rookie Threads lists for 30 and the swatch is half the size.

Now the draft....Been waiting for this ever since we tanked in December. At first I was hoping for a last place finish and a chance to get the first overall pick and land Sean Couturier. However, it looks like he is no longer the favourite to go first overall and we might be able to land him with the 4th overall pick. There has been a fair bit of shuffling in the Top 5 and I think much of that has to do with how close the skill level is between these guys so as a fan, I don't think we can lose either way. If I got my chance to step up to the podium, I would likely stick with Couturier. If we were to go in another direction, I see the Devils targeting Landeskog as his style is much inline with how the Devils like to play. Are you excited for the draft? Or is it something that is hyped a little too much by media like TSN who are just filling in time between Stanley Cup and July 1st?


  1. great write-up!

    Corey now joins Sid in the Hart Trophy & Cup Champion Club!

  2. I like the card of the week idea, nice job