Monday, June 27, 2011

1911-1912 C55 Reprint Set

A while back I purchased a reprint set off eBay of the C56 hockey card set from 1910. Last weekend I was able to purchase the other tobacco reprint set that is on the market of the C55 set. Don't let the numbers fool you, C56 came out before C55. Oddly enough, the next set was the C57 set. Makes no sense to me, but then again this was over 100 years ago.

The set was reprinted in 1991 and the book was made by Windhill Publishing.
As you can see, you originally could purchase this book/reprint set for $19.95
In the book there are stories and bios of all the players from the 1911-12 set and a recount of what happened that hockey season. I purchased the book and reprint set for a total of 15 bucks.

Here the back of the book
It turns out that the book/set was limited to 50 000 copies. Which means if you want one, I am sure there are some out there to be purchased. Oddly enough, even though I only paid 15 for mine, I have seen these go for 50 bucks on eBay!

This set is larger than the C56 set having 45 cards instead of 36. The C56 set had rookies of Cyclone Taylor and Art Ross. Meanwhile, the C55 set had rookies of Joe Malone, George Vezina, and Joe Hall. The value of the C55 cards are much higher than the C56 likely due to number of existing copies and the fact that the C55 are a nicer looking card.

Joe Malone RC - Reprint
Joe once scored 7 goals in an NHL game but what some people don't know he is also scored 9 goals in a playoff game in 1913. He was the first pro player to score an Ovechtrick! His 44 goals in a 20 game season stood as the NHL record until 1944-45 when Maurice Richard scored 50 goals in 50 games.

Here is what the back side of the cards looked like.
Looks like Art Ross was a busy player travelling across three provinces in 4 years. Joe Hall did win a Cup with the Kenora Thistles in 1907.

Georges Vezina RC - Reprint

Georges Vezina is by far the most valuable card in the actual C55 set with a Beckett Value of $6000. From my experience, you would be getting a pretty poor conditioned Vezina for that amount and any one in decent shape will be well over $10 000. The most expensive Vezina sold for $100 000 which was graded an 8 by SGC.

This is a beautiful set and a MUST in my opinion for any hockey card collector. Without a doubt it was worth the 15 bucks I paid, and to be honest. I would likely have paid more to have it! I don't think there is any BV to this set. If there is, I would be curious to know but really I wouldn't sell mine for anything!

My scanner made the tops of the cards look like they were mis-cut. I assure you they centering is nice on the cards and looks like the examples given on the cover of the book!


  1. Hi,
    Great article. I had a question, I have this set (45card) in mint condition w/Vezina card. Is this single card really worth thousands? I swear I've seen this set on ebay for about $50? Thoughts?

    1. If you have the reprint set, no it isn't worth much at all unfortunately. If they are selling for around 50, then I would guess it is a reprint.

      However, the original set, would be worth thousands! Book value on the original set with all 45 cards is 15 000 dollars and that is in a condition that would be around excellent. A mint original set, would be easily worth 3-5 times that amount.

    2. Hi Dave,
      Thanks, how do I tell if its the original set or a reprint?

    3. The key will be on the backs where the colouring of the ink will be black and the paper will be more of a greyish brown rather than a cream colour.

      Also, I think the originals are a tiny bit thicker than the reprints too...

    4. It also states Lancaster reprint

  2. So just to Clarify, the Lancaster Reprints are not worth money? Because in the Article you state the Lancaster Reprint of George's Vezina is 6000$