Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Return to Sender

How do you deal with rejection? This is the first time for me since I have started writing players. I guess it may have happened already and I just have no idea because my cards ended up in someone’s garbage can or something. But I do believe ignorance is bliss because while the cards are still “out there” I have hope that they may come back someday! Well hope ended yesterday for one request and that was my request to Craig MacTavish.

I am not sure if Craig does TTM’s or not, but I thought I would give him a try by writing to TSN. I wrote a letter and included just one card (his 86-87 OPC RC) in a top loader and mailed it off. Almost a month after sending out the request, I received my envelope unopened with about four “Avery” address stickers covering the TSN address and the words “Return to Sender” in red ink with an arrow to my address. If he wrote it I could call it an autograph, but I have a feeling someone at TSN filters out mail that Craig MacTavish doesn’t want to receive.

I guess for all the great returns, we must expect some return to senders!


  1. that sucks. I've received a couple of RTS before, but it was because of a wrong address.
    Craig can be contacted through TSN, so that's more of a Go Away than a RTS....

  2. I get rejected all the time. It's just mostly at the bar and by a blonde:)

  3. So do they write Avery when they don't want to do it because nobody likes Sean Avery?