Monday, March 28, 2011

Ray Ferraro

Well I guess not every personality at TSN has their mail filtered. I received this gem in the mail about a week ago.

Ray Ferraro was a player who I really enjoyed watching play as a kid. He had amazing goal scoring abilities that were evident right from his junior days. In 83-84 he scored 108 goals for the Brandon Wheat Kings in a 72 game season. An interesting fact from that season was the second leading scorer on the team was Cam Plante who had 22 goals and 118 assists that season but, would never play more than 2 games in the NHL. I can't imagine how many of those 118 assists where to Ray. Another neat fact about that 83-84 Wheat Kings team is their number 1 goalie was Ron Hextall who really was the only other player on the team who would find long-term NHL employment.

Ray scored 20+ goals 12 times throughout his career in the NHL and even reached 40+ goals twice and would finish with 408 career goals.

Here are the cards:

1990-91 UD

1989-90 OPC

He signed both cards with red sharpie and numbered them 26 which he wore during his time in Hartford and LA. It took about 5 weeks to receive these back.


  1. Great cards, Ferraro was one of my favorite Whalers as a kid!

  2. Who at TSN doesn't get their mail?

  3. I attempted to write Craig MacTavish but it was sent back with "return to sender" on it. The more I think about it, it might have something to do with his vehicular manslaughter conviction from the 80's. I imagine he may have received a little hate mail over the incident and doesn't open mail random mail anymore.

    Sal, have you had any success with him?