Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ebay Lot Purchase

Every now and again I like to look on Ebay and check out some of the lot sales. Often good deals can be had if you stumble upon an auction that is about to end.

I found an auction that had these four cards and I was able to win it for 75 cents per card (or 1.50 each with shipping) which you would be hard pressed to get these four by TTM for that price.

This card was the one that sold me. Adam Oates was an amazing centre and in my opinion should be in the Hall of Fame. He has been passed over the last couple of years but he will get his chance eventually!

This card is from the 09-10 Black Diamond Set.

The second autograph in the lot was Brian Gionta who is the current captain of the Montreal Canadiens. Brian had one amazing season with the Devils when he put up 48 goals and the Canadiens are hoping he will get there again some day.
This card is from the 09-10 Artifacts set.

This card was a nice bonus in my opinion as I would have paid 6 bucks for the first two cards easily. Marc Methot is the type of player ALL teams need. A good stay-at-home defenceman who is reliable for 20 minutes a night. He has Luke Richardson or Ken Danyeko potential but in the hobby world that means very little!
This is from the 07-08 SP Authentic set.

Lauri Tukonen was a first round pick of the Kings and he never really lived up to potential. He had an amazing U-18 tournament back in '03 but never found his touch in the North American game. He is currently in Finland and is playing for Lukko Rauma. I don't believe he will be back, but if he does, this card can only increase in desirability!!!

Like Methot, this card was also from the 07-08 SP Authentic set and has an on the card autograph.

Not bad for under $6 with shipping especially if Oates ends up making the Hall of Fame!

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